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Protecting your home is a basic human instinct - you've worked hard for what you have. Why would you jeopardize that? At Shark City Locksmith, we're dedicated to providing you true security and peace of mind. When you know you're safe and secure, you can rest easily.


With years in the security business, you can trust us to protect your home, family, and business. We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics.

We've been where you are. We know you need a professional locksmith who you can trust and depend no matter the situation.

There's no feeling you learn to appreciate more than security. Our founder, Mario Mendoza, knows it all too well. After losing keys to his home, locking himself out of his home and vehicle, he knows the feeling of helplessness. For the same reason that we try to arrive at your location as fast as possible in lockout situations. We try accommodate you by making appointments to your busy schedule and also by taking Credit, Cash, Checks and Debit many mobile services do not offer these payment methods. 

About Us

  • Make Most Keys
  • Re-key Locks
  • Install Locks, Latches, etc.
  • Service locks, Repair and replace
  • Lockouts: Homes, Business, Vehicles
  • Sheriff Evictions

What we do?

24 Hr. Emergency  Services

We unlock vehicles, doors, padlocks, desk drawers, file cabinets and much more doesn't matter the time or day!

Did you move? Buying a new home? 

Re-key your locks you don't know who may have the keys to your new place!

Total Peace of mind

We are Licensed & Insured! We are dependable, reliable and honest. Check our reviews on

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24 Hour emergency locksmith services


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